Serious Earthquake in Nepal

Many of you have been in contact asking how our colleagues in Kathmandu and Lalgadh have fared in the serious earthquake that struck on Saturday 25th April. We are very grateful for your concern and offers of support and prayers. We are also very relieved to be able to report that all our NLT staff, both in Kathmandu and Lalgadh have been wonderfully spared, and damage to NLT buildings has been minor in Kathmandu and in Lalgadh. Dr Hugh and Diana Cross, Dr Graeme and Meena Clugston and Eileen Lodge are also safe in Kathmandu, so God has been very gracious to us. The earthquake itself and th...

NLT Headquarters Building – Funding Needed

Many of you will be aware that our headquarters building in Kathmandu has been under threat of demolition for some time, due to the government intention to significantly widen the road adjacent to the building. In November last year, we knocked down the front wall as a first step but were still waiting for confirmation of the demolition line, etc. Now some nearby businesses and houses have been demolished and so the outcome seems inevitable. As a further step, the team at Kathmandu have built a new workshop on top of the NLT guest house next door, and have now begun to extend the existing ...

Sorry for being Off-Line for a while!

Our apologies to all those who visit our website from time to time, and have found us unavailable for the last three weeks. Sadly, some unkind person with too much time on their hands managed to hack into the website and damage it to the point where it needed a complete rebuild. We are grateful to our Webmaster, Dave, for restoring it to working order, and we will try and get the content back up to date as soon as we can. The NLT UK Team

Eye clinics at Lalgadh boosted by new equipment

Leprosy can cause blindness due to damage to the eye from corneal ulcers. These can occur because leprosy often damages the nerve that enables the eyes to feel pain and without that pain, dust and grit can get into the eye and be unnoticed. The damage that results can lead to infection which can cause permanent blindness. This means that regular eye tests for vulnerable patients are important to spot damage early. Our equipment has been very old fashioned up until now, and a technology update was long overdue. A charity called Mission for Vision (M4V) that was established to set up eye...

Demolition of our Office is Starting

Front of the headquarters building
The Nepali Government has started moving ahead again on the road widening scheme that affects our headquarters office in Kathmandu. For some time they were trying to decide whether they would pay any compensation or not, but a few days ago, they suddenly presented NLT Nepal with a cheque for about £14,000 and told them to get on with the demolition. It therefore looks as if our hopes of avoiding this very difficult process are in vain, and the workshop activity, and the office activity will have to move into the neighbouring "Longhouse", which used to provide sheltered accommodation to var...

Hello World – I’ve got wheels!

Sushmita with her Mum and Dad
Sushmita lives in Lalgadh Village, a half hour walk from Lalgadh Leprosy Services Centre. Her Mum and Dad live in a very basic house and earn a small income from daily waged employment. A great challenge for them has been that their daughter Sushmita has cerebral palsy and is very disabled by it in every way, being unable to speak or control her muscles. There are no national facilities for children disabled in this way and only very few independent services available. Most children in Sushmita's condition would not normally survive very long in Nepal and it is an amazing testimony to the ...