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Nepal Leprosy Trust
Nepal Leprosy Trust
Nepal Leprosy Trust
Nepal Leprosy Trust


Demolition of our Office is Starting…

The NLT Office in Kathmandu

The NLT Office in Kathmandu

The Nepali Government has started moving ahead again on the road widening scheme that affects our headquarters office in Kathmandu. For some time they were trying to decide whether they would pay any compensation or not, but a few days ago, they suddenly presented NLT Nepal with a cheque for about £14,000 and told them to get on with the demolition.  It therefore looks as if our hopes of avoiding this very difficult process are in vain, and the workshop activity, and the office activity will have to move into the neighbouring “Longhouse”, which used to provide sheltered accommodation to various families. Please pray for the CEO of NLT Nepal, Mr Kamal Shrestha, as he Read the rest of this page »

Hello World – I’ve got wheels!


Making Sushmita comfortable

Sushmita lives in Lalgadh Village, a half hour walk from Lalgadh Leprosy Services Centre. Her Mum and Dad live in a very basic house and earn a small income from daily waged employment. A great challenge for them has been that their daughter Sushmita has cerebral palsy and is very disabled by it in every way, being unable to speak or control her muscles. There are no national facilities for children disabled in this way and only very few independent services available. Most children in Sushmita’s condition would not normally survive very long in Nepal and it is an amazing testimony to the commitment and care that her parents have given her, that she is still alive. However, at around sixteen years old, she weighs less than 20kgs, and feeding her takes a very long time. Her world has been restricted mainly to her room, and she has little contact with anyone except her parents, and occasional visits from one or two of the staff from our centre.

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Summer Soiree

Thursday 10th started off very overcast and threatening, so how would the evening pan out?  Well, there was no need to worry as the evening was  warm and sunny.  The guests enjoyed being alongside the river whether it was on the towpath or looking out from the balcony.

The star turn of the evening was ‘The Barber Shop Choir’ who mesmorised their female audience with their renditions of songs from various musicals.  Many encores were requested and certainly their presence next year is definitely a requirement.

There was plenty of food and Pimms to enjoy while the raffles were being drawn.  A big thank you to all the donors and helpers who made the charity evening such a great success.
barbershop 1enjoymentverandah

Summer Suppers

The living room-brendalong balmy evenings have been the perfect setting for some summer suppers to help raise money for NLT.

The order of the day is Fun, Food and friendship.  The last evening definitely rang loud and long with laughter at the many stories told by the ladies – helped along by a nice cold glass of wine!  The food was par excellence and friendships were made and deepened.  A few tears were shed at recent stories of young and old affected by leprosy as related by the hostess,  but all agreed that it was a lovely way to spend an evening, especially for a worthwhile cause.

The ladiconservatory 2es enjoyed themselves so much that they have already reserved forthcoming dates for similar evenings.

You too could help raise money for NLT in this or similar ways such as Afternoon Tea Parties.  Invite friends around and have a lovely time.  Just put a box by the door for people to contribute as they leave.

We can send you stories and case histories of different people to share with your guests on the day.