Children waiting for sponsors


Rasila is 5 years old.  Her father is paralysed, following an accident at work.  Her mother only does daily labouring on a construction site.  Their income is very low and need help to enable Rasila to go to school

ID 296

Nibika age 9.  Her father died while working abroad, leaving her, a sister, her mother and grandmother living in a mud house.  Her mother has intermittent work, but is looking for more stable employment.  Her older sister has had to leave school as they cannot continue to pay for her education.  The family desperately need help to enable Nibika to stay in school

ID 294

Astha is 3 years old.  Her father deserted the family before she was born and her mother, who has been disabled since she had an accident some years ago and Ashta live in one small room and her mother can only do a little work – sewing and tailoring – and they have no other income.  She cannot afford to send Astha to school.

ID 295


To sponsor a child just note the child’s ID and complete the Lydia Children’s Fund Sponsor Form.