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Nepal Leprosy Trust is a Christian Charity and has relied greatly on the prayers of many supporters over the years.

Prayer has kept our staff safe, it has protected us during difficult times, it has helped our work to flourish and make a real impact on the lives of those we are helping. It has opened God’s treasure house at times of particular need, and it has helped to make sure that God is honoured in our work in many ways. Prayer remains a very important way of supporting the work of NLT and we are grateful for all those who do pray for NLT. The list below includes some of the key issues that currently need your prayer:

  • Nepal has suffered badly with the second wave of Covid, and many cases were unable to access medical help because there was none available. Official figures suggest the new case daily rate has reduced from the high of 8000 cases per day to about 2000, and the daily death rate has dropped from 200 to about 50. But the real figures are higher as many are unable to access tests or treatment. Hospitals are less overwhelmed now, and oxygen requirements have dropped to more manageable levels. This has been a tough time for Nepal which is not equipped to handle this level of emergency. Many organisations and the Nepal Government have advocated with the UK government for more oxygen and vaccines, as the UK has a historical connection with Nepal. China has flown in some oxygen and is going to provide some more vaccines, but currently only about 8% of the population of 29 million people has received even one vaccine shot, and less than 3 % have revceived two, so there is a lot yet to be done.
  • Lalgadh is continuing to provide services through this period of lockdown and uncertainty, but medical staff are operating with caution and the use of PPE for all activity. Please pray for our staff, for families in the surrounding communities potentially affected, for people to understand how they can prevent the rapid spread of corona, and for care given to be safe and effective. All of our staff have now been vaccinated and so have some degree of immunity to the Covid-19 virus, although there is much concern about the new Delta variant. One member of staff has been infected by Covid, and another has family affected by it. One ex-Lalgadh nurse, called Malati, was hospitalised in Kathmandu needing oxygen support but is recovering now.
  • With the second lockdown, our flow of regular general patients, is greatly reduced again and so the revenue generated from them is much less than normal. All our leprosy work is given free of charge, but the income from our general services supports around 50% of the running costs of the organisation. The reduced income is therefore having an impact on our ability to continue to function, and we are enormously grateful for the generosity of many supporters who have donated towards these running costs. Please pray that the Lord will continue to supply what is needed to get us through in Nepal.
  • Government hospitals have also had a hard time and some have faced bankruptcy, unable to pay staff or buy supplies. In the current situation, medical staff in these hospitals have been working with little rest and support. Oxygen shortages have been acute, as the demand rose by 500% during May. Please pray for the recovery of the health system in Nepal, as it is always the poor who are worst affected by these problems.
  • The lockdown has continued to impact the poor who rely on daily waged employment, and food stocks in many poor villages have become dangerously low. NLT’s Community Team have been helping with supplies of relief aid to the poor communities around Lalgadh, but the demands are high. Pray that our help (and other help) will get through to the right places.
  • Kamal and his team are working in Kathmandu with reduced order levels and share the same impact from this on their work and revenue. Please pray for encouragements for Kamal and his staff.
  • Please pray for  NLT products to become more widely known and for our customer base to grow during 2021. Many of our staff come from marginalised backgrounds and some are affected by leprosy themselves.
  • Please pray for Dr Clugston and his wife Meena as they continue to serve at Lalgadh in the midst of the pandemic, and cannot fly out even if they wanted to. Being older, they are possibly more at risk from the effects of Covid-19 if they are infected. Pray for good health and the Lord’s protection. Dr Clugston is preparing the medical team for the expanded work as he approaches his retirement in a year or so.
  • Our patients need much prayer as some of them have suffered terribly before they arrive at Lalgadh. Pray that our staff can help them to heal physically, mentally and spiritually.
  • The ongoing official registration process of the hospital with the government is still not complete, although it has made some progress in April and May. Please pray that the government offices will finish this process off and make the way straight for the work to progress unhindered.
  • Travel in Nepal is often unsafe due to poor roads, landslides, dangerous driving conditions, especially at this monsoon time. Please pray for our staff as they move around the region in the course of their work.
  • Please pray for favour with the municipal and provincial authorities as the new federal structure in Nepal develops and settles.
  • Nepal can be a challenging place health-wise, and our staff would appreciate your prayer support in this regard.
  • The government of Nepal has been very unstable for the last year as politicians have struggled for the key places in power. This is difficult for the country and has contributed to the problems posed by the pandemic, as proper efforts are not being made to protect the people from this disease. Please pray for a stable and healthy government in Nepal.
  • Please pray for the little church at Lalgadh – that it continues to be a light for the Gospel in a difficult place. There have been some wonderful testimonies of healing and deliverance in recent months, as people in great need have reached out for hope and help. Please pray for a young mother called Mandika, who two months ago became quadriplegic and was unable to even speak. Hospital did not help, but prayer for her by the folk at Lalgadh Church has brought about amazing improvements, and she can now sit in a wheelchair, eat with her left hand, and can speak again. Please pray for a complete recovery.
  • Please pray for the staff and particularly the senior managers in NLT Nepal, as they face many daily challenges in their work for people affected by leprosy and many other illnesses, and as they develop NLT Nepal to cope with the growing demands on its services.
  • Please pray that our God will be glorified in all the work areas of NLT, and that the people we serve will be blessed by that work.
  •  For the widow and daughter of Mainudin Dafali, a hero of our stigma elimination work who unexpectedly passed away at the end of April in India, during his cancer treatment. His widow Sakila and their new baby daughter Upsana is with Mainudin’s family and is doing OK but must be very sad at losing their father/husband after only just over a year of marriage. Please pray that his land will be secured for Sakila, so that she continues to have a home for her and her daughter. We are all very sad to lose Mainudin, a man who had come through so much hardship to a degree of happiness, and who was an important part of our community work. He will be greatly missed.