NLT sends out a monthly prayer letter by email. If you would like to receive it, please email us on and let us know your email address. We will include you in the distribution. Please be assured that we will not share your email address with any third party. If you don’t have email, we do post a few prayer letters out to those who particularly request them. Telephone or write to ask for the prayer letter by post. (Tel: 020 8940 1200, Nepal Leprosy Trust, 10A The Vineyard, Richmond, Surrey, TW10 6AQ)


Nepal Leprosy Trust is a Christian Charity and has relied greatly on the prayers of many supporters over nearly 50 years.

Prayer has kept our staff safe, it has protected us during difficult times, it has helped our work to flourish and make a real impact on the lives of those we are helping. It has opened God’s treasure house at times of particular need, and it has helped to make sure that God is honoured in our work in many ways. Prayer remains a very important way of supporting the work of NLT and we are grateful for all those who do pray for NLT. The list below includes some of the key issues that currently need your prayer:

  • Like other countries, Nepal has suffered another wave of Covid, which began near the end of January 2022. It has been rapid but seems to have peaked at about 20,000 cases per day and is reducing again now. The death rate with this latest surge has been much lower. Vaccinations have continued to be slow, and now nearly two years into the pandemic – Nepal has still not reached 50% of its population double-vaccinated.
  • Lalgadh is able to provide medical services, but medical staff are still operating with vigilance caution and the use of PPE for all activity. Patient numbers have increased during 2021, with daily visits back to more normal levels. Please continue to pray for our staff, and for families in the surrounding communities, during this difficult time.
  • In Kathmandu, our Fairtrade workshops have much less work as regular custom has tailed off during the last 2 years. Please pray that the Lord will guide our managers in a way forward that is right for the work there and for our staff who have struggled with the uncertainty of their future. Several of our staff come from marginalised backgrounds and some are affected by leprosy themselves.
  • Government hospitals continue to be much affected as large numbers of medical staff have had to isolate. Pray for the recovery of the health system in Nepal, as it is always the poor who are worst affected by these problems.
  • There is another lockdown in Kathmandu, but time and experience has made things a bit more relaxed plus the latest round of infections are less severe. At Lalgadh, NLT’s Community Team continue to take relief to families that are struggling.
  • Please pray for Dr Clugston and his wife Meena as they have returned to Nepal after some time in Switzerland, and are waiting for a working visa to be obtained by our office in Kathmandu, for the next year of work with NLT. This is an uncertain and difficult process, and so please pray for the Lord’s will to be done in this. There is some important work left for Dr Clugston to do yet.
  • Please pray for our patients, as some of them have suffered terribly before they arrive at Lalgadh. Pray that our staff can help them to heal physically, mentally and spiritually.
  • The ongoing official registration process of the hospital with the government is still struggling on. Please pray that the government offices will finish this and make the way straight for the work to go forward unhindered.
  • Travel in Nepal is often unsafe due to poor roads, landslides, dangerous driving conditions, especially at this monsoon time. Please pray for our staff as they move around the region in the course of their work.
  • Please pray for guidance as our senior staff work with the municipal and provincial authorities to strengthen leprosy services in Province 2 of Nepal.
  • Nepal can be a challenging place health-wise, and our staff would appreciate your prayer support in this regard.
  • The government of Nepal has been unstable for some time, so please pray for a stable and healthy government in Nepal to emerge during this year.
  • Please pray for the little church at Lalgadh – that it continues to be a light for the Gospel in a difficult place.
  • Please pray for Shakyamadi, an older Christian brother in the church at Lalgadh who has had a stroke, and for whom NLT is building some new accommodation near his son. Pray for steady recovery for Shakyamadi so that he can continue to enjoy life and still get around.
  • Please pray for the staff and particularly the senior managers in NLT Nepal: as they face many daily challenges in their work for people affected by leprosy and many other illnesses; and as they develop NLT Nepal to cope with the growing demands on its services.
  • Please pray that our God will be glorified in all the work areas of NLT, and that the people we serve will be blessed by that work.
  • Please continue to pray for the widow and daughter of Mainudin Dafali, a hero of our stigma elimination work who unexpectedly passed away at the end of April 2021 in India. Please pray that Mainudin’s land will be secured for his widow Sakila and their child Upsana, so that they continue to have a secure home. we praise God that Sakila’s citizenship papers have been obtained, which is very helpful for her.
  • Please pray for the new Village Alive project that began last year: that it will go well, despite the problems caused by the pandemic, etc. Village Alive has the potential to transform communities, and enables ‘Kingdom Values’ to be taught in areas of extreme poverty and dysfunction. Pray for blessing for the people involved.