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Nepal Leprosy Trust is a Christian Charity and has relied greatly on the prayers of many supporters over the years.

Prayer has kept our staff safe, it has protected us during difficult times, it has helped our work to flourish and make a real impact on the lives of those we are helping. It has opened God’s treasure house at times of particular need, and it has helped to make sure that God is honoured in our work in many ways. Prayer remains a very important way of supporting the work of NLT and we are very grateful for all those who do pray for NLT. The list below includes some of the key issues that currently need your prayer:

  • Kamal and his team have finally succeeded in getting the next 5-year Project Agreement (2019-2024) signed which is a wonderful finale to 2019 – a challenging year. The next hurdle is to get the working visa for Dr Clugston who will be preparing for his retirement from the work in a couple of years.
  • Many people affected by the flooding last July still need help with house repairs and rebuilding, and some of these are vulnerable people affected by leprosy that we support in special ways. Please pray for them and do consider helping in other ways as we seek to support them.
  • For the new showroom for NLT products to become more widely known and for our customer base to grow during 2020. Many of our staff come from marginalised backgrounds and some are affected by leprosy themselves.
  • For our patients, some of whom have suffered terribly before they arrive at Lalgadh. Pray that our staff can help them to heal physically, mentally and spiritually.
  • For our staff who have to cope with more than 600 patients visiting on a busy day, when temperatures may be over 40 degrees centigrade. Staff often have to travel extensively for field work
    Learning to care for leprosy-affected feet
    Learning to care for leprosy-affected feet

    in the surrounding communities.

  • For the hand surgeon Dr Donald Sammut who came again in November 2019 with his team to undertake reconstructive hand surgery operations on 29 patients at Lalgadh.
  • For the ongoing official registration process of the hospital with the government, which has taken some steps forward but is not quite there yet.
  • For nurse Ruku whose cancer treatment is ongoing and expensive; do pray for her to discover the comfort and help of the Lord Jesus at this challenging time.
  • For nurse Durga who has also recently been diagnosed with cancer. Durga has a husband and a young son.
  • For Dr Graeme Clugston and his wife Meena as they wait for visas and their next steps.
  • For the short term visitors to Lalgadh – for health and safety.
earthquake 19
NLT arrives with relief supplies
  • for safety in travel which is often unsafe in Nepal due to poor roads, landslides, dangerous driving conditions, etc. Please pray for our field staff as they go out to remote villages to take our leprosy services to people nearer their homes.
  • For favour with the new municipal and provincial authorities as the new federal structure in Nepal develops and settles.
  • Nepal can be a challenging place healthwise, and our staff would appreciate your prayer support in this regard.
  • For the management at Lalgadh as the longtime Programme Director, Dambar Aley has recentlyt retired. Pray that the staff acting in his place – Suman Tamang and Dr. Krishna Lama will be able to cover the important areas of the work.
Busy Out-patients
Busy Out-patients
  • Please pray for a stable and healthy government in Nepal.
  • Please pray for the little church at Lalgadh, that it continues to be a light for the Gospel in a difficult place.
  • Please pray for the staff and particularly the senior managers in NLT Nepal, as they face many daily challenges in their work for people affected by leprosy, and as they develop NLT Nepal to cope with the growing demands on its services.
  • Please pray that our God will be glorified in all the work areas of NLT, and that the people we serve will be blessed by that work.