Children waiting for sponsors

Pramisha is 7 years old.  Her father is affected by leprosy and her mother is blind.  They live by begging and they do not have relatives who can help them.  They would love to be able to send their daughter to school.

ID 303



Salma is 10 years old.  Her father is deceased and her mother went to Kuwait to earn some money.  She lives with older sisters and really needs support to continue her education.




Pujan is 10 years old.  Her father, who was an alcoholic, died some years ago.  Her mother works as a housekeeper.  Her older sister lives with an uncle as her mother could not afford to look after and pay for education for both of her children.  Her mother is struggling with her life as she is uneducated herself.


Apekcha is 6 years old and belongs to a low caste.  Her father does not work and the family have been forced to move in with grandparents.  They cannot afford to pay for her education.





Bijay is 12 years old.  His father is disabled.  There are 4 children in the family.  His parents have a small shop, but it is a struggle to earn enough to pay for education

ID 302


To sponsor a child just note the child’s ID and complete the Lydia Children’s Fund Sponsor Form.