Monsoon Misery hits Nepal again!

Last weekend, from the 12th to the 14th July, there was continuous very heavy rain across Nepal leading to flooding, landslides, crop destruction, and loss of life in 28 districts of Nepal, as well as in north east India and Bangladesh. Even Kathmandu has suffered badly with the Kalanki area of Kathmandu very flooded, and many areas being slightly flooded – even the NLT offices.

The roads through the hills have suffered badly with landslides, including the main route through for NLT on the Sindhuli road (BP Koirala Highway) so that transport is much affected everywhere at present. Even parts of the main East-West Highway were under water with trucks, buses and motorcycles slowly churning their way through.

Airports struggled too, with a Yeti Airline domestic plane skidding off the runway at Kathmandu International Airport which had to close for the day, and Janakpur airport being under water for some time.

So far it seems that over a hundred people may have died, with others still missing after landslides and flooding have destroyed homes and villages.

Please do pray for the relief work to get going soon, and for help to quickly reach those who are especially vulnerable. Once again it is a difficult time for the people of Nepal. Any donations you send labelled for relief work will be used to help in this situation. Below are some pictures from last weekend’s floods.

A man with a child in a street in Kathmandu
Struggling against the current in Kalanki, Kathmandu








The Kalanki area of Kathmandu
The East-West Highway not far from Lalgadh








A main-road bridge near Bardibas, very close to NLT’s centre at Lalgadh



One of several landslides on the Sindhuli road between Kathmandu and Lalgadh






Janakpur Airport under water last weekend




A stranded Yeti Airlines plane at Kathmandu Airport






The entrance to Janakpur Zonal Hospital, Lalgadh’s nearest main town



Rescuing people by boat in the Kalanki area of Kathmandu







The Terai area in Saptari district



A school in Rautahat district






More Terai villages



Some of the terai (south Nepal) area from the air




Struggling against the current





Contemplating the situation




The Koshi Barrage in east Nepal, has all its 56 gates open – very difficult for North India where the water goes.